Gary Ewing & Vivi Svennevig

Gary & Vivi

Vivi & Gary are the perfect team.
Her Scandinavian background in graphic design & art and his as a master goldsmith, they see and live life artistically.
From the soft curves and hard edges of love and human nature with a powerful blend of form and function, "Midnite Collection" was born, a blackened sterling silver line of jewelry, dedicated to both man and woman alike.
The line is entirely handmade by them, in their own design studio.
They are blessed with a passion for creativity, which is expressed in every design and every moment of their lives.

Gary was born and raised in San Francisco, and after studying gemstone cutting, jewelry design and manufacturing in Norway and apprenticing in Palo Alto, California, he started and has been operating his own business for many years.
Working mostly in 18K gold and platinum, specializing in restoration and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for numerous satisfied customers all over the world, "Midnite Collection" provides a fun outlet for a wilder side of jewelry design
and it is widely influenced by European, City and island culture.

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